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At FortMeade Design, we are the epitome of meticulous real estate development. Our dedicated team engages in a comprehensive approach, overseeing pre-construction planning, entitlements, budgeting, scheduling, contract procurement, and seamless project close-out.

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Whether you are looking to build a new home, renovate an existing property, or develop a commercial space, we have the skills, expertise, and resources to make it happen.

Project and Construction Management

As part of a comprehensive project, we offer owners the essential service of day-to-day design management. Our team will expertly oversee the procurement and project management of the design team to ensure that the project achieves its objectives. Additionally, we extend our services to include Owners Representative support throughout the construction phase of your project.

Construction and Development

Our methodology for discovering and developing new sites is unparalleled. With our comprehensive in-house real estate brokerage capabilities, we are equipped to handle every aspect of securing the ideal location for your project - from sourcing to closing and everything in between. Allow us to do the legwork and deliver a site that perfectly meets your needs.

Risk Assessments and Entitlements

Our team is committed to providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the expectations, risks, and opportunities associated with your unique entitlement challenge. To ensure your project's success, we will leverage our project management expertise to guide it through the process while maintaining open and transparent communication with you, our valued client.


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